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What it takes to craft an interesting essay in 30 minutes

It might seem impossible, but you are reading the title correctly, and yes, it is true: you can craft an interesting and well thought out essay in only 30 minutes. It requires a bit of strategic planning but remains true. Many students leave their essays until the last second through no fault of their own; many emergencies can unexpectedly come up, and there can be other academic obligations to tend to, such as revision for exams. We will explore what it takes to achieve this seemingly impossible feat.


This is the crucial step in executing your goal of crafting a paper in 30 minutes. You need a plan to refer to that keeps you on track. What having a plan will accomplish is that you will not need to sit and think for a long time what to write. When you have finished a point, you will easily be able to refer back to your plan and know exactly what to discuss next, including which sources to mention.

What planning also accomplishes is that it allows you to jot down your brilliant ideas that are in your mind. Many times, students have a great idea that escapes their head when it comes time to write. With a plan, you will no longer have to encounter this problem and waste valuable time trying to think of this brilliant idea you had.


Many students fall into the vicious cycle of procrastination when sitting down to write their paper. You should avoid this by being avoiding any distractions when sitting down to write your paper. Turn off your mobile, or put it on silent, and switch off the Internet connection to your laptop or computer.

So many students spend countless hours procrastinating, and make a simple 30 minutes task to write an essay into one that takes them several days.

Spell check

This is another handy tool that can save you countless hours. Many students can spend up to several hours editing their work, and looking for any grammar and punctuation mistakes they have made. Make sure, when you begin your paper that you are writing on program that supports a spell check, and automatically changes and wrongly spelled words to their correct spelling. You will be amazed at how much time this can save you in editing.


It is important that you have your research on hand when you begin your writing. This will save you ample of time. It is futile to research while you write your paper, as this will take a lot of your time to properly research. It is nigh on impossible to write a paper in 30 minutes without prior research.

You should visit journals, or use Google scholar, when conducting your research. These will have all the latest literature pertaining to your topic that will come in handy.

Anther good source to utilize is your university’s library. Ask the librarian for the best and most popular literature about the topic you are writing about. Once you have collected the sources you feel are relevant, you should sort them out and see which ones you should implement in your work. Make a brief note telling you why it is a good source to use, and how you will be adding it to your work.

Although a seemingly impossible task, if you follow our top tips in this article, you can achieve the impossible. It may be tough but it is indeed possible to write a paper in 30 minutes. We wish you the best of luck in your writing, and hope you can achieve your full potential using our guide.