Essay Topics on Dreams

You don't have to be lost on what to write about when choosing a dream essay topic. You'll find different perspectives you can write about concerning dreams and their diverse use in everyday life. 

Once you've chosen a topic that interests you, there are many resources available online on the different perceptions of dreams. Writing your next Dream Essay will not be a big deal, as we have a robust list of different dream topic ideas that you can choose from.

A List of Essay Topics on Dreams

  1. Achieving The Royal Dream: A Battle Cry
  2. A Review of The York Play of The Crucifixion And The Dream of The Road
  3. Dreaming Within A Dream
  4. A Dream About Freedom
  5. Analyzing A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
  6. College As A Means To Achieving The American Dream 
  7. A Review of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night Dream Character Conflict
  8. Why America May Need THE DREAM Act
  9. Observing A Mix Of Desperation, Intervention, and Jealousy In A Midsummer Night Dream
  10. How To Prepare Your Kids to Dream Big
  11. The Wounds of Having A Shattered American Dream
  12. How Women Have Found The American Dream Unsuccessful 
  13. What You Should Know About The American Dream
  14. How A Reluctant Fundamentalist Perceives the American Dream
  15. The Working Class, African Americans, And Native Americans' Pursuit of the American Dream
  16. Niall Ferguson and Timothy Noah's Exposure of The American Dream Myth
  17. Finding The Impossibility in The American Dream
  18. Reviewing The Possibility of Manipulating A Dream or Someone Else's, As Depicted in 'Inception'
  19. Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby": Exploring The American Dream Fallacies
  20. The Sleep Of The Mind In The Dream State
  21. How The American Dream Has Declined
  22. How The American Dream is America's Essence
  23. Viewing The American Dream As A Promise Of Opportunity And Equality For Every American
  24. Why The American Dream May Be A False Sense Of Hope
  25. Why The American Dream May Be A Global Nightmare
  26. Theory Of Dream Interpretation has Propounded by Sigmund Freud
  27. How Various Authors Have Portrayed The American Dream
  28. How Community Service May Help To Reclaim The American Dream
  29. How Poverty And Racism May Inhibit The American Dream
  30. How Income Disparity May Foster The Death of The American Dream
  31. How The American Dream Failed In The Grapes of Wrath and The Great Gaspy
  32. A Reemerging Dream: A Speech At A Graduation
  33. The Millennial Action In Defining The American Dream
  34. The Immigrants' Perception of The American Dream
  35. Pursuing The American Dream As A Mexican
  36. Why It's Time To Redefine The American Dream
  37. Why The American Dream Might Be Long Dead
  38. How The American Dream Was Shattered By Prejudice
  39. A Review of Literature's Perspective On The American Dream
  40. How Family Bonds May Be The Foundation For The American Dream
  41. Why The American Dream Might Just Be An Illusion
  42. Why Do People Have Dreams?
  43. What Is The Use of Dreams
  44. Why We Must Fight For The Achievement Of The American Dream
  45. How Toni Cade Bambara Exposed The American Dream In 'The Lesson'