5 Helpful Ideas On How To Write An Essay Outline

An outline does a very pivotal role when it comes to providing the proper guidance and structure for writers when drafting a paper. This must be able to briefly sum up the intended content of the paper and arrange that content in a coherent and logical approach. What is more, learning how to outline is a very valuable skill for students mainly because some professors require students to submit an outline prior handing in their essays. This is the reason why it matters to master the techniques in creating an effective outline.

Here are a few useful ideas when constructing an outline for your paper:

  • Go over the guidelines of the writing assignment thoroughly. Make sure to underline the valuable terms and phrases in the instructions. Note that it is a must to have deeper grasp of what the professor is asking you to do prior you start creating your outline. Ask questions to clarify some things that are unclear to you.
  • Develop a topic. Take in mind that even though outlining an essay can assist you when it comes to developing and arranging your ideas, it is still necessary to do a few other prewriting exercises in order to get started. You can search for some helpful prewriting schemes which could aid you come up with great ideas for your paper.
  • Figure out what your main purpose is. Ask yourself what you wish to accomplish with your essay. Do you intend to enlighten, entertain or persuade your readers? Ensure that your purpose is relevant with what the writing task asks you to do. Search for keywords in the writing project guidelines in order to help you determine what your purpose should be.
  • Consider who your audience will be. Think through who will read your paper. Be sure to point out the expectations as well as the needs of your target readers through sorting out what they do and do not know about the subject you chose to discuss.
  • Once the four steps are done, it is now high time to develop your thesis. It is pivotal to come up with thesis statements that convey the main focus of the essay and ensure that you’re capable of stating an arguable claim. Your thesis must not be more than one sentence long.

In so doing, you’ll realize that working on the outline is just a piece of cake.