List of History Essay Topics

Essay Topics on History helps you to discover the ideas and lives of historical personalities. These topics are an essential aspect of essay writing as they enable you to practice writing and have hands-on knowledge of research methods, useful for finding fascinating ideas.

When you pay for essay, you'll get between 500-1000 words long custom essay with titles centered on the activities of a historical personality. This research helps you to gather necessary information about the person and also discover essential facts.

The history essay topics often depict titles that present the extent of influence of some prominent historical figures while they were alive. You could easily find good historical movies that describe how the person lived. It will serve as a good foundation for your work. 

In the end, you'll be amazed at how much new information you've unraveled, which you wouldn't have if you hadn't started writing the essay topic.

A List of History Essay Topics

  1. Europe's Greatest Diarist: Anne Frank
  2. An Essay On The Movement Of Renaissance Art
  3. Contributions Of Ancient Greeks
  4. The Period Of European Exploration
  5. Austria's History And Catholicism
  6. Why William Won the Battle of Hastings
  7. What Transpired On Bloody Sunday
  8. How The Black Plague Impacted Medicine in Medieval Society
  9. How King Philip II Of Spain Decided To Send The Armada Against England
  10. History Of Cyprus Conflicts
  11. What Happened At The Normandy Invasion
  12. How Ancients Civilizations Contributed to History
  13. Analyzing The Motives Of European Imperialism
  14. Roman Early Christianity And Majority Oppositions
  15. How Western Economies Developed
  16. 18th Century Western Civilization
  17. History Of English: The London Tower
  18. The French Revolution And Enlightenment Era
  19. Queen Elizabeth I: Leadership Communication Methods
  20. European Colonization: The Ruin Of Civilization
  21. 1680 - 1789: Europe's Ascension To Global Power
  22. 1848: European Revolutions
  23. The Cold War; Evaluating Probable Causes
  24. The Effects of Western Influences On The Ottoman Empire
  25. How The French Revolution Turned Out A Terror
  26. Italy's Fascism Post World War
  27. How The Middle Ages Defined Fashion
  28. Analysis of the Film 'The Lion in The Winter'
  29. Western Europe's Feudal System In The Medieval Age
  30. Crises In The Fourteenth Century
  31. United State French Immigration And Its Developmental Impacts
  32. The Origin Of Gender Emergence In European History
  33. The Impacts Of European Colonialism On Present-Day Africa's History
  34. Impacts Of The Great Awakening On Religious Integration Of Europe's Colonies
  35. The Role Of Germany In World War 1
  36. Origins Of Prostitution In The Victorian Era
  37. Effects Of European Colonialism On Kenya
  38. Vocational And Academic History in Europe
  39. Origins Of The European Union 
  40. Eighteenth-Century Homosexuals History in Europe
  41. How Rome Fell: Is United States Probable To Fall?
  42. How Huge Was Hitler's Dictatorship Strength?
  43. How The Justinian Plague Ushered the Black Death
  44. The Conquer of England
  45. How The British Empire Impacted England
  46. The Bosnian Genocide; Europe's Largest Massacre After World War II
  47. The Selfish Ways Of Luis XIV
  48. What Nazism Meant For Wealthy Armed Forces Officers
  49. The Influence of Marco Polo On Explorer's After Him
  50. How Victorian England Met The Demand For Clergy