The 3 Easy Steps To Pick Argumentative Essay Writing Topics

Your choice of persuasive essay topic matters a lot. That is why given a chance; most people would choose a subject they know well and like. Choosing the right topic is essential. The reason is that an argumentative paper is expected to expand the minds of readers and cause them to view an issue in a different light. So, your aim should be to convince them to take sides with you while acquiring more knowledge. Here are tips to help you generate the right topic.

  1. Choose the side you belong to

    There are many ways to come up with essay topics. One of them is to write a strong statement and choose the side you belong. Your argument would be to support the assertion or argue against it. But before you take sides, ensure you have done enough research and have sound knowledge of the subject. Below are statements that can form topic ideas.

    • All men should marry at the age of 25 years.
    • It is unreasonable to marry an uneducated man
    • College students should reduce their debts before leaving school
    • Punishment of drunk drivers need to be more severe
  2. Consider your audience and situation.

    An argumentative essay involves arguing on an issue. It could be regarding people of a specific age group, things or current events. But the point is arguments always happen within a particular context. So, considering the situation or targeted audience, you can pick an interesting topic for your paper. Here is a few simple of issues.

    • You are parent worried about the extracurricular activities and effect on students’performance. Argue for extracurricular activities to be scrapped.
    • As the head coach of a high school basket team, assuming you have heard that funding will decrease due to budget cuts. Argue for the effect of sports on high school students.
    • How does having both parents around necessary to a child? Explain to a couple planning to part ways how their decision will affect their little one.

    Argumentative essay topics as earlier said are to expand the minds and knowledge of readers. Also, they need also to accept your points after reading through your work. So to make this happen, your argument should sound logical and exciting.

  3. Use the question and answer format.
  4. Another essay writing idea to pick a topic is the question and answer format. All you need do is come up with a question and supply the answer. The problem would be your primary title, while answers would be in the thesis section. But ensure it is concise and captivating. And give reasons for your answers in the body of the essay.

    You may check well-written essay examples to know more about writing your title and thesis in this format. However, below are ideas for topics to get inspiration.

    • What is the best reason for going to college? Do you need a college degree to become successful in life?
    • Why do different countries share different views about climate change?
    • What makes an activity one engages in, a sport?


Your English essay topic should be inviting. It is paramount even though you are writing an argumentative essay. There are myriads of ways you can generate essay topic. But the most important thing is writing on something that is comfortable for you. It should be something that will allow you to convince readers to accept your points quickly.